Tech in Your Every Day Life

What sound do you wake up to in the morning?

What is the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

When you need a quick fix, how do you find a solution?

When you want to shop from the comfort of your home, what do you do?


The most common answer to these questions is always tied to smartphones and the internet!


This is because, thanks to technology, you can gain access to almost anything with an active internet connection!

Here are some ways in which technology has changed the way we live:



  1. Communication – Once upon a time, the only way you could speak to someone was through physical contact but as time progressed, physical visits were replaced with phone calls, Today we have video calls, chat rooms and virtual hangouts and many of us can’t go a day without chatting on WhatsApp, checking Instagram or posting on


  1. Shopping – Remember, when last-minute preparations were almost impossible? When you had to rush to the shops to buy dresses, shoes, and props for an event? Whew!

Now everything comes easy! With online stores and social media-based businesses, you can now shop easily from the comfort of your home, and have your items delivered to you in what feels like an instant! Did someone say “add to cart?”


  1. Education – There must have been a time when you thought learning could only be done in a brick and mortar environment. Well, now we know better. From Ulesson and Nexford to Udemy and Coursera, getting a certificate or an MBA can be achieved from the comfort of your home!


  1. Networking – Meeting people, making connections, joining communities, whatever it is you are looking for, there is a digital option for you! Facebook groups, websites, and online communities are all viable options. Have you joined the alpher community? If not, what are you waiting for!


The world is digital and so are we! In what ways has technology influenced your life?


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