How to keep up with your New Year resolutions

How to keep up with your New Year resolutions

WRITTEN BY Oghenekume Eguh

Jan 11 2022

New Year, new me.

New Year, same me, making better choices

A new year feels like a clean slate, a chance to do better than you did with the 365 days you had the year before. So, you carefully outline your goals for the year, make plans to achieve them, and start working towards hitting your milestones.

 It takes a lot of discipline and commitment to stay true to the course; that’s why we’ve come up with some helpful tips to help you stick with your resolutions for the New Year.

 1. Set realistic goals

 2022 is the year! You have so many plans, you’ve set so many goals, you know exactly what you want from life, and you plan to get it all this year.

That’s great but are your goals realistic?

Have you thought through the process and requirements for achieving your goals?

What timelines have you set for yourself, and what would it take to meet those timelines?

 2. Set yourself up for success

 Your big plans for 2022 are exciting; you want to jump right in and mark every goal as achieved in the shortest time possible. Taking on too much at a time may leave you overwhelmed and not as productive as you thought you’d be.

 Pro tip - Identify projects that are quick wins and handle them first. For larger projects, you can collaborate with people and brands to make them easier.

 3. Anticipate challenges

Life is filled with curveballs, and you must be ready to hit the ball out of the park.

Your plan should contain potential risks or challenges and what you can do to overcome them. For situations beyond your control, having a plan – i.e emergency funds, support systems, etc. will help you be better prepared.

 4. Don’t be afraid to try again

Paul Coelho said, “The secret to life is to fall seven times and get up eight times.”

You must not let setbacks in your journey; stop you from achieving your goal. If you ever feel down or need motivation, speak to someone - a mentor, a friend, a support group, etc.

 Pro tip - Affirmations have worked for me and helped me keep sight of my goal. Every morning, I speak words of affirmations to get myself charged up for the day, and just like magic, it works every time!

 Ladies, 2022 is the year that you take charge! Let nothing hold you back.

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